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When trying to appreciate what makes certain stones more valuable than others, it is important to understand the differences within the stone. How each gem forms and what weight and quality can be yielded from the rough is predetermined during creation. The unique geometric make up of each stone remains, even after it has been cut and polished. Within the confines of its surfaces lies its beauty. How the crystal formation is constructed determines elements including its hardness or softness, its weaknesses and strengths and also its colour. The relationship the gem has with light and its durability are both determined by its natural crystal structure. When a stone is being cut and faceted, the size and shape that can be used is dictated by the rough crystals size and shape. So in a way Mother Nature remains the power that gives. Different factors are involved in the creation of these precious stones. Space for growth, chemical elements and cooling time all impact on the size and shape and colour and therefor impact the value of the gem. The internal structure and mineral inclusions in stones impact on the appearance of the finished product. Come into CM Weldon in Powerscourt and we can show you some beautiful sapphires and other stunning gems.