Size Guide

In order to facilitate your ring selection, we have added a quick guide and simple steps to follow to measure your ring size. If you require more assistance feel free to contact us.

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CM Weldon Size Guide

Step by Step Guide,
Get the Right size

Follow these three (3) simple and quick steps in order to get the right measure of your finger, and select the perfect ring for you.

Measure Your Finger


Measure a Ring you Already Have


CM Weldon Size guide

Print Out our Paper Ring Sizer


CM Weldon Size guide

Keep in Mind

  1. Your ring should always feel comfortable. Tight enough so it doesn’t feel loose but without being restrictive to your finger.
  2. Always remember seasonal changes and temperatures that may swell your finger. When trying a new ring, make sure you do it in moderate temperatures.
  3. Consider your finger shape, as wider knuckles may need a tighter ring that barely pushes over the knuckle but fits perfectly at the base of your finger.


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