Tips to buy best solitaire engagement ring

While many people love solitaire for simplicity, this does not mean that not you have many decisions to make. This is more than just a choice between yellow, white or pink gold for the band. Here’s a list of tips to help you work on your loop details.


First come Stone- When you are looking at Solitaire, remember that Diamond will be the hub of the ring. Without Buffy or Halo to add extra bling, your diamond will be in the light. Carefully choose the stone with a few defects (or not), the color you will love your lady, the size of the carat that will do you proud.


Cuts Galore- One one of the best things about solitaire engagement ring is that any diamond shape you choose will look good. Without side stones, halos, or Paves to deal with, you do not need to consider anything other than which cut fits your other big. From diamond cut pear to diamond cut radiant, the choice is yours.


Tie so together- While there are not many from the options to add frills to your solitaire ring, the band does not offer a customizable room. A simple band can keep a complex diamond cut in the spotlight, while a more detailed band can add pizzazz to a traditional shape. For a well-balanced ring, pair a plain band with an emerald or radiant cut, or combine a weaved band with a round-cut diamond. Additionally, you are offered some customization when it comes to what type of setting you choose. Prong setting, cathedral setting, and traditional solitaire setting are three options, each with their own unique style and benefits.


Add Some Color- Band color is another area where her personality can shine through. While platinum is very popular due to its durability, there are other precious metals you should also be considering. A 14k gold solitaire setting may be a more traditional choice. If your lady likes a little bit of daring, go for a rose gold ring, which adds a unique twist to the traditional solitaire.