The Creation of coloured stones
Over billions of years the Earth, constantly changing, creates an environment in which these rare and beautiful gems are formed. We all know the impressive sights of volcanoes erupting, earthquakes cracking open the Earth’s crust and tidal waves engulfing coastal lands. These tremendous forces of nature show us how our planet is in a relentless forward motion of change. Within this process of destruction and creation, the potential for the formation of gems arises. The proper set of circumstances will not always occur. The right chemical ingredients at the right time, with the right pressures and temperatures need to converge and align to facilitate gem formation. Once created, enough time and space is needed for growth. How these rare and precious stones are formed is both astounding and mystifying. Finding and extracting them is another leap of science and human determination. Geologists look at patterns within our topography as possible indicators of where gems might be located. Certain deposits are associated with particular rocks. For example some rubies can be linked with the whereabouts of marble, and some sapphires with basalt. This can help narrow perimeters in the search for coloured treasures. Here in CM Weldon in Powerscourt we have some stunning examples of these gems in one of the best jewellery stores in Dublin. Come and have a look!Sapphire cluster big

Sapphire cluster

Pink Sapphire

Sapphire deco

Sapphire diamond cluster

Sapphire cluster




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