What are the Four C’s ?

The four C’s are the most commonly used descriptions when looking at the basic characteristics of a diamond. They are broken down into

Colour – Diamond colour ranges from D-Z

Cut – Cut is graded depending on the diamonds symmetry

Carat – Carat is the measure of weight 1 carat = 0.2 Grams

Clarity- Clarity is graded by observing the various inclusions in a stone

What is the most important cost factor in buying a diamond?

There are certainly some key cost factors but diamonds have to be looked at from all points. Colour and clarity are huge cost factors. In larger stones a single colour grade can mean thousands in value. Higher clarity grades like VVS1 command a premium due to rarity

Do diamonds change colour over time?

No. This is a myth. Diamonds form over hundreds of millions of years. Their colour remains the same unless altered by a laboratory process.

Are diamonds indestructible?

No. Diamonds can chip if they are struck by a hard surface. Usually this happens when they are caught at a particular angle and usually on the edges. Granite surfaces are to be avoided if possible

Can diamonds be polished?

Yes. A small chip can usually be polished usually without much loss in weight and value

Are “Enhanced” diamonds worth more?

No. A diamond which has been altered by man in any way looses its value. Clarity enhanced, Heated or fracture filled diamonds are never worth more than those that have been naturally formed

Are diamonds cheaper to buy abroad?

There are two answers to this question. Generally I have found that there is no financial advantage to traveling to buy diamonds. Our suppliers have been built over generations and we pride ourselves on being able to compete on a global scale.

What is the best colour of sapphire?

Sapphires are valued based on several factors. There is a particular royal blue colour that is highly prized. Sapphires from certain locations command a high price such as those mined in Kashmir and Burma (Myanmar).

What is the most popular cut of diamond?

Generally speaking the round brilliant is most well known shape of stone. However some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world are Ovals, Cushions and Pears.

What anniversary is a diamond?

The 60th wedding anniversary is celebrated with a diamond

What is a diamond cert?

A diamond cert is an independent evaluation of a diamond by a laboratory. It is not a guarantee or appraisal of a stone merely a third party opinion on the stones grade. You should look at a diamond always before buying one and never rely solely on certs to buy diamonds.

What is a round brilliant cut ?

The round brilliant cut is the most well known diamond cut, It is comprised of 57 facets or polished surfaces.

How do diamonds form?

Diamond is made of carbon. Scientists believe that a temperature range of 1652F to 2372F and pressure between 45 Kilobars and 60 kilobars to form. Normal pressure on earth at sea is one bar. A kilobar is 1000 times that. Forty five kilobars is 45000 bars.

How old are diamonds?

The oldest known diamond is 3.3 Billion Years old. The youngest is 628 million years old.