It all started in Melbourne Australia. I was a country girl that had run away to the city to get away from an abusive ex-partner and a generally crappy existence.
I had been in the city for a little while but didn’t know a single person so had kept pretty close to home while I settled in.
The very first night I ventured out I sat at a little, modern bar by myself drinking cocktails and eating bar nuts. Even though I was alone I was happy; free.
Out of know where a group of rowdy Irish lads busted through the door filling the room with noise and craic.
He came straight up to me and bought me a drink.
The rest is history. We moved back to Ireland four years ago, got married and had a baby. We live in Clare and my new husband got me back on my feet. I’m just finishing my first year in college at the age of 27 and I would never of been able to do it without his support. He is the most amazing husband and father. We are so blessed to have found each other on the other side of this big world. I needed him so badly in my life. It was without a doubt meant to be.
Thank you for reading our story.
Best Wishes,
Lara Kelly


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