I am a huge fan of dispelling myths about this business. Quite frankly some of the stories you hear about what you should and shouldn’t spend baffle me. For one thing ancient man did not adhere to the three or four months salary rule so why should modern man?. I have a really simple rule of thumb. Spend what you can afford! and not a penny more!. If you have a couple of million in the bank and are looking for a sound investment well than that just lovely. If you have five hundred in the bank than that’s just as fabulous. Jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes and fits whatever spectrum of the market you are in. Look for beauty. Look for value and most of all look for love. You cannot standardize a purchase of this magnitude on a financial figure of salaries gathered in specific time period. That to me make absolutely no sense whatsoever. It is a story wielded by those with targets to meet. I am not by any means trying to imply that as a business we do not have targets. Of course we do. We live in the real world. Countries have targets to meet as do businesses in order to survive. But I would rather not sell you a ring than sell the wrong ring or a ring that realistically you can’t afford. Be honest with yourself and your partner and also to your jeweller. We love to talk frankly and openly about how to get you the best possible ring that you will love and treasure for the rest of your life. REMEMBER. If you fall in love with an engagement ring that is outside your budget we at CM Weldon Jewellers in the Powerscourt Centre Dublin will work really hard to make that wish come true. There is always a way for you to have your cake and eat it. See you in the store !!


Colin Weldon