Ever since I have been working with diamonds I have been trying to find the easiest way to explain to our clients what to expect from a diamond. I always want to approach this subject from the beauty but also from actual facts that make it so special


When it comes  time to explain what it is important in a diamond it is better start from the basics. A good contrast between the light  and dark areas would make a stone bright and lively.  But the question is … How do we get the right balance between those areas?  That is when will talk about cut grades.


The word CUT makes reference to proportions and finish of a polish diamond. In this case proportions are the angles and relative measurements of a polished gem’s facets and the relationship between them and finish is the quality and the precision of the cut  that would be explained through two other characteristics polish that is the overall condition of the diamond’s facet surface and symmetry  that is related to the precision of the shape and placement of the facets.


Every diamond has a number of facets depending on their cut, we can compare those facets with tiny mirrors that reflect light from inside the gem back to your eye. If those mirrors aren’t aligned quite right the diamond doesn’t sparkle as much. Therefore when a diamond interact with light every angle and every facet  affects the amount of light returned to your eye.


If we want to be more specific we can pick a particular cut. In this case I will use Round Brilliant for a easier description


A Standard Round Brilliant has 58 facets, we compare these facets with mirrors, therefore a Standard Round Brilliant will have 58 mirrors, but will those mirrors reflect the same amount of light? Oh no! We have between these 58 mirrors different types of shapes


Upper Girdle16
Lower Girdle16
Pavilion Main8


Every  one of this facets contributes to the diamond interaction with the light. It is that interaction that gives a diamond a dazzling face up appearance.


I hope you enjoyed this little explanation about diamonds if you have any doubt don’t hesitate to leave your comment  below. I would love to hear your thoughts .