Time and time again I am faced with the age old question. “Are diamonds cheaper to buy in Antwerp and New York or Dubai?”.. “What about online?”…. I hear about jewellers cheap “overhead” costs and better value stones because of ties to the big diamond trading centres all around the world. Well here are the facts ladies and gentlemen. There are so many variables to buying your engagement ring that doing a little research can save you a fortune not to mention a plane ticket, hotel and travel expenses. Here are my top five reasons for buying your engagement rings local from CM Weldon in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre.

1. My overheads are my problem not yours. Meaning my monthly broadband bill is not going to affect the market rate of buying a 1 carat D colour round brilliant. The market value is what it is.I keep a very close eye on prices around the world and in most cases can compete with any of them
2. If I cannot provide you with the same value as the main diamond trading networks around the world than there is absolutely no point in having my doors open.
3. TRUST TRUST TRUST… you cannot beat being able to come in to a bricks and mortar establishment and having the type of world class aftercare that you have access to without having to fly all the way back to whatever dealer you bought the ring from if and when a problem arises
4. Our clients are clients for life.. one of the most satisfying parts of my job is catching up with my clients and their families as they travel through this thing called life. Buying jewellery is an intensely personal experience and it is a privilege to be a part of it. It’s great fun meeting engagement ring couples and we make the experience as fun and fulfilling as we can
5. Keep it in the family !!… this is a big one.. Ireland needs to support its own and if a local business can compete and provide a quality product it’s important to support it. After all if we don’t try and grow local businesses in this country then where is the employment going to come from ?


See you in the shop…




Buy Local