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Engagement ring feature

11th October 2018 by COlin in Blog

  The Princess Cut diamond has 57 or 76 facets with a typical ratio of 1.0 to 1.05, which give it a very unique sparkle, unlike any other cut. This fully certified 3.02ct Princess cut diamond available at CM Weldon is flanked either side by two 0.50ct Trilliant cut diamonds and is set in platinum.....

Ring sizing techniques at CM Weldon

2nd October 2018 by COlin in Blog

Here at CM Weldon we use tried and tested techniques for sizing our rings here at the workshop. When you buy an engagement ring you more than likely have to have it sized. you can see in this video the use of more modern laser machine for accuracy as the ring is adjusted to perfection......

New diamond engagement rings in stock this September

15th September 2018 by COlin in Blog

     Est 2.6ct I colour centre stone art deco style engagement ring    1.01ct F colour centre stone VS2  Aqua Marine Cocktail ring  Diamond circle pendant  Diamond and sapphire line bracelets with an Art Deco Diamond Brooch

Farnese Blue diamond goes for $6.7 million at auction

16th May 2018 by COlin in Uncategorised

For 300 years the 6.16ct dark grey Blue pear originating from the famous Golconda mine in India has passed through the generations. The gem was first given to Elisabeth Farnese, daughter of the Duke of Parma, in 1715 when she married Phillip V of Spain, the grandson of France’s Kink Louise XIV.  The diamond was sold.....

Engagement Rings – How to select the perfect diamond

9th May 2018 by COlin in Uncategorised

  All shapes and sizes, cuts, colours, designs but how do you know how to spot what is right for you? With so much information out there about how to select the perfect engagement ring, I have clients come in from all over the world asking what characteristics are the most costly in terms of.....

A beautiful example of an Asscher Cut vintage ring

2nd May 2018 by COlin in Blog

Asscher cut diamonds are commonly mistaken for emerald cuts due to their obvious similarities. The main difference with an Asscher cut stone is that it is square rather than the normal rectangular shape that is common with an Emerald cut. In 1854 Joseph Isaac Asscher established the I.J. Asscher diamond company and in 1902 developed.....

Enchanting emeralds

14th November 2015 by COlin in Blog

  Colour is a powerful thing. It evokes very personal responses. There are psychological responses and emotional responses to colour. Some would say just as red symbolises passion, danger and excitement, green signifies life, prestige and power. It is the colour of nature, it soothes and refreshes…… unless it’s kryptonite and you’re Superman in which.....

Its all about the Colour

22nd August 2015 by COlin in Blog

  The beauty and value of coloured stones depends on where their colour lies within a particular colour spectrum. It’s helpful to compare stones within the same species, sapphires with sapphires, rubies with rubies etc. Certain colours are more desirable. Top colours within the trade are described as having fine colour. Sapphires for example have.....

Light and Colour

11th July 2015 by COlin in Blog

Here at CM Weldon Powerscourt, we are passionate about our coloured stones. We’ve all seen the beauty of rainbows, they captivate our senses. When gazing up at rainbows a childlike wonder and something about them makes us stop and connect with the magical world of light and colour. It’s said that no two people see.....

Diamond Facets

5th June 2015 by COlin in Blog

Ever since I have been working with diamonds I have been trying to find the easiest way to explain to our clients what to expect from a diamond. I always want to approach this subject from the beauty but also from actual facts that make it so special   When it comes  time to explain.....

What Lies beneath

3rd June 2015 by COlin in Blog

When trying to appreciate what makes certain stones more valuable than others, it is important to understand the differences within the stone. How each gem forms and what weight and quality can be yielded from the rough is predetermined during creation. The unique geometric make up of each stone remains, even after it has been.....

The Creation of coloured stones

21st May 2015 by COlin in Blog

The Creation of coloured stones Over billions of years the Earth, constantly changing, creates an environment in which these rare and beautiful gems are formed. We all know the impressive sights of volcanoes erupting, earthquakes cracking open the Earth’s crust and tidal waves engulfing coastal lands. These tremendous forces of nature show us how our.....

Coloured stones

13th May 2015 by COlin in Blog

We’ve all heard the expression ‘she’s a gem’, rare, beautiful, unique and honest. She is what she is, gems are what they are. Throughout the centuries precious stones have been sought after and treasured by royalty, maharajahs and emperors. The sumptuous colour spectrum and seductive allure of a gem, created by Mother Nature, is something.....

Art Deco Emerald and diamond earrings and matching ring

12th May 2015 by COlin in Blog

    As the summer is coming more and more events are coming up! This is very exciting but sometimes we can be worry what accessories to wear for a Big event like a Gala or Black tie wedding. Here I came up with a fresh option that involve emeralds. This colour stone is amazing.....

What impact does Fluorescence have on the appearance of a diamond ?

11th February 2015 by COlin in Blog

In a recent addition to some of the GIA certs on the market a newly included paragraph on fluorescence is worth noting. It says: “GIA studies show that, for the overwhelming majority of diamonds, the strength of fluorescence, has no widely noticeable effect on appearance. In many instances, observers prefer the appearance of diamonds that.....

Antique Cut Diamond Rings

5th February 2015 by COlin in Blog

  Gorgeous antique cut round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring set in platinum. Look at the shape of the diamond as opposed to a modern cut diamond. The table facet is smaller and higher than a modern cut round brilliant. Antique engagement rings are simply stunning. They are very rare to find in this condition.....

The BIGGEST Diamonds in the world

22nd October 2014 by COlin in Blog

The Cullinan I 530.75 Carats: The original rough of the famous Cullinan diamond was 3106.75 Carats. The stone was carefully segmented into the diamonds shown below.   The Cullinan II has a total carat weight of 317.4cts. It is a cushion shaped diamond   Here is a great video of how the Cullinan was cut.....

The line up

11th October 2014 by COlin in Blog

CM Weldon Stock from C.M.Weldon on Vimeo.

New stock in for September

16th September 2014 by COlin in Blog

Some nice sparkly things for September at CM Weldon in the Powerscourt Townhouse Center… Enjoy

Diamond Shapes, How to Buy a diamond

6th August 2014 by COlin in Blog

A video on Diamond Shapes.. VLOG on the different names for different shapes of diamond…. enjoy … #engagementrings #buyingdiamonds #jewellersdublin #vintage #howtobuydiamonds #marquise #cushioncut Diamond Shapes, How to buy a diamond from C.M.Weldon on Vimeo.

Planet made of diamond !!

29th May 2014 by COlin in Blog

If this isn’t a motive building spaceships and travelling to another world then I don’t know what is. At a mere 40 light years away and Dubbed 55 Cancri e, this planet is only twice the size of earth but almost eight times its mass. The planet orbits its star in only 18 hours giving it.....

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

27th May 2014 by COlin in Blog

I am a huge fan of dispelling myths about this business. Quite frankly some of the stories you hear about what you should and shouldn’t spend baffle me. For one thing ancient man did not adhere to the three or four months salary rule so why should modern man?. I have a really simple rule.....

Buying Sapphires, Sapphire engagement rings, How to buy sapphires, Jewellers Dublin

23rd May 2014 by COlin in Blog

  Overview  When looking at buying an engagement ring you should always consider sapphires. Sapphires are one of the most beautiful stone in the world yet mystery surrounds the nature of their quality and cost. Here I am going to look at all the factors that make up the value of a sapphire and give.....

How we can tell the origin of Pearls

17th May 2014 by COlin in Blog

This is a great video from the BBC on how scientists can tell Pearl origin. At CM Weldon Jewellers we have a lovely array of pearl jewellery available      

James Weldon – July 17th 1950

23rd April 2014 by COlin in Blog

My Great grandfather James Weldon who began the Weldon family business pictured here in 1950. CM Weldon is family owned. Four generations of the Weldon family have worked in the jewellery trade and it is one of the oldest and most respected in Dublin so when buying a diamond engagement ring you can be assured.....

How to Buy a Diamond part 4 – Girdle Thickness

10th April 2014 by COlin in Blog

When buying a diamond engagement ring you should always cast a quick eye over the girdle thickness. The edge of the diamond will either be “Bruted” or “Faceted”. Extremely thick girdles add weight to a diamond without adding beauty whereas an extremely thin girdle can leave a diamond open to chipping. Somewhere in between is.....

How to buy a diamond Part 3 – Cut Grade- Diamond Cut Grade

9th April 2014 by COlin in Blog

Below is taken as an example of some diamonds that were assigned different cut grades by the GIA. The concept of cut grade has many consumers baffled and there is huge confusion the in the market place as to the significance and importance of cut grade when buying a diamond engagement ring. My attitude to.....


9th April 2014 by COlin in Blog

    Tanzanites are actually 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Gem quality Tanzanite originates from one place on Earth- The Merelani area in Tanzania.Its magnificent colour display is the result of Pleochroism which is a gems ability to display several colours. Discovered in 1967 by a Masai tribesman this beautiful gem was marketed heavily by.....

How to spot a fake diamond Part 1

27th March 2014 by COlin in Blog

This little test is a really good way to spot a fake diamond. Take your diamond and place it face down on the lettering. If you can see the letters clearly through the stone the chances are it’s a fake. If you cannot see the letters through the stone then chances are it’s Real !......

Sean Gallagher meets Colin Weldon for the Sunday Independent

23rd March 2014 by COlin in In the Media

SEAN GALLAGHER – PUBLISHED 23 MARCH 2014 02:30 AM Deciding to get married is one of the most important decisions a person can make in their lives. Hand in hand with choosing our perfect partner comes the challenge of choosing the perfect engagement ring. For many, this is not only a daunting challenge but a.....

The Hope Diamond.

22nd March 2014 by COlin in Blog

        The most famous diamond in the world. Once mailed to the the Smithsonian by Harry Winston in a brown box using the U.S. Mail ! The hope diamond is visited by millions who are enamoured by the intrigue and history of this magical gem. Thought to originate from the Kollur mine.....

How to buy a diamond Part 2: Diamond Clarity

21st March 2014 by COlin in Blog

Introduction to Diamond Clarity Part 1   One of the most talked about issues we address with clients is clarity. Now there is a lot of information out there about clarity and what it does to affect the cost of a stone. So I decided to show some of our own examples here at CM.....

Lara Kelly

20th March 2014 by COlin in Uncategorized

It all started in Melbourne Australia. I was a country girl that had run away to the city to get away from an abusive ex-partner and a generally crappy existence. I had been in the city for a little while but didn’t know a single person so had kept pretty close to home while I.....

Anne-Marie Wade

20th March 2014 by COlin in Uncategorized

My husband and I met fifteen years ago, on the August bank holiday, whilst he was visiting family in Ireland. We spent every hour, minute, second of the weekend together. It was like nobody and nothing else existed…How he made me laugh! He relunctantly returned to England. We spent hours talking on the phone. He.....

Some FAQ’s

20th March 2014 by COlin in Blog

What are the Four C’s ? The four C’s are the most commonly used descriptions when looking at the basic characteristics of a diamond. They are broken down into Colour – Diamond colour ranges from D-Z Cut – Cut is graded depending on the diamonds symmetry Carat – Carat is the measure of weight 1.....

The March Video Showcase

19th March 2014 by COlin in Blog

Here is a little video showcase of our fabulous engagement rings here at CM Weldon in the powerscourt Townhouse Centre in Dublin 2. from C.M.Weldon on Vimeo.

How to buy a diamond Part 1

19th March 2014 by COlin in Blog

Lets start at the basics. You find a partner and you suddenly realise you want to buy a diamond engagement ring in Dublin because you really want to support the Irish economy (hint hint) ;). Well you’re in luck. Buying a diamond in Dublin is a really easy thing to do and hopefully this little.....

The Kimberley Process

15th March 2014 by COlin in Blog KP Basics The Kimberley Process started when Southern African diamond-producing states met in Kimberley, South Africa, in May 2000, to discuss ways to stop the trade in ‘conflict diamonds’ and ensure that diamond purchases were not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments. In December 2000, the United.....

Diamond Certification The Good The Bad and the Ugly truth

7th March 2014 by COlin in Blog

Lets talk certs!!… when buying a diamond engagement ring you often hear a lot about diamond certs. Good ones, bad ones and none at all. So what’s the difference and when should you have or not have diamond certs. Below are a few examples of certs you will come across in the diamond trade. There.....

Diamond Engagement Ring Sizing

5th March 2014 by COlin in Blog

I posted this video a while ago but I thought it was so great that I decided to share it with you all on our new site. It is a wonderful opportunity to get inside the workroom to see how we do the most basic repair and sizing work here at CM Weldon. Engagement rings.....

Why buy a diamond in Ireland?… HERE’S WHY!!!

3rd March 2014 by COlin in Blog

Time and time again I am faced with the age old question. “Are diamonds cheaper to buy in Antwerp and New York or Dubai?”.. “What about online?”…. I hear about jewellers cheap “overhead” costs and better value stones because of ties to the big diamond trading centres all around the world. Well here are the.....